David and Laura

We discovered Cadeby Homes in May 2021. At this time, we weren’t sure ourselves if we wanted a new house but knew if we saw the right one, we would commit. Sadly some other local developers saw this as ‘time wasting’ and ‘only here to look at showrooms’. Cadeby however, specifically our first meeting with Elaine, was truly the opposite. There was a zero-pressure atmosphere, showing us all the facts and truly accommodating our position. Even to the point of staying late to show us another house; the one we ended up buying!From taking the booklet home, having time to think, Cadeby were so supportive and not at all pushy. We revisited for a second time, saw the same house again to make sure it was right for us and then committed. From here on in, the process was amazing.We bought a house that was still to be built which allowed us incredible flexibility in customising our wonderful home. No request was too much as our ‘upgrades’ list got longer. ‘Upgrades’ should probably be ‘customisation’ because the standard Cadeby Homes build to is truly phenomenal. What you get as standard is unrivalled by any other developer and sets the bar of quality very highly. Turf and tap, alarm systems, 3-star locks, high-quality kitchens, sleek bathrooms, shower drenchers, being greeted on completion day by the MD himself…the list goes on and on. The attentiveness from both Elaine and Bethan and all those behind the scenes, all ambassadors for Cadeby is the epitome of personal, high-quality service.If you’re fortunate to stumble upon Cadeby Homes and fortunate enough that one of their houses is still available to buy, I wholly recommend you buy it!A huge thank you to Cadeby for delivering us such a wonderful home.