Meet the Buyers

Zoe and Lewis

Meet Zoe and Lewis, first time buyers of The Durham at Church View – Hugglescote…

Zoe and Lewis have been in their Cadeby Home for a few months now and being first time buyers, this was a very exciting and rewarding experience for the couple. We spoke to Zoe to hear what she had to say about her experience of buying with Cadeby Homes…

“Overall we have been very satisfied with the customer service and support provided by Cadeby Homes. All our queries and questions have been dealt with quickly and efficiently, during both the sale and after care of our new home.

We were attracted to buying a Cadeby Home because of the size of the company, allowing us to have a more intimate buying experience which you don’t get with larger builders. The specification on the property is also much higher than any other builder, where you pay an extortionate amount more for extras. This included our property having turf and outdoor lighting, adding to the finish of our property and really showing the attention to detail. The attention to detail is an area Cadeby should be proud of within their company and this makes them stand out against many competitors.

We were lucky enough to personalise parts of our property including tiles, flooring and even being able to change and extend parts of the kitchen to make it work for us. Personalising our home has allowed us to gain the style we wanted and for it to flow throughout the house. One main attraction to our new home is the exterior design, the style is very different to other new builds and the property has its own identity within the development. The stylish front door is one of my favourite things about the exterior design of our home.

We enjoy living in this area of Leicestershire as it provides a good balance of countryside and small towns. There is a variety of different areas to explore and with local amenities close by, it is an easy place to live. We have also started to form relationships with our neighbours; it is nice to know there is a small community feeling developing.
Our experience on a whole has been very positive and we are extremely happy with our new home. We would recommend Cadeby Homes to anyone wanting to buy a new build property.”

Olivia, Steven, George & Teddy

From choosing their own flooring and tiling to upgrading their dream kitchen, Olivia, Steven, little George & Teddy are enjoying the space of their new home – The York. Here is their story of buying a Cadeby Home…

“We found out about Cadeby Homes through a friend liking the Facebook Page and after doing our research, we were attracted to the size of the business and the ‘hands on’ approach Louis takes.

We were lucky enough to reserve our plot when it was still a ‘shell’ and we particularly enjoyed the opportunity to sit and discuss our needs and wants with Louis. We felt at ease and involved throughout the build process and it was nice to be updated on the progress of our home.

We are settling in very well and we are still getting used to all the space we have – I (Olivia) am particularly enjoying buying new furniture for all the space! Teddy is enjoying exploring the big garden and the fields surrounding Church View. It is a lovely area with places to visit close by and lots to do for young families.

My favourite thing about the house is definitely the kitchen. We love having bifold doors looking out onto the garden as this is where we plan to spend a lot of our time. Upgrading to have an island has allowed us an extra seating area, perfect for socialising.”

Olivia and Steven said they would most definitely recommend Cadeby Homes, in fact they already have!

Abi, Sam and Charlotte Harding

cadeby homes

Meet Abi, Sam and Charlotte Harding, they are the new buyers of one of the developments at Barton Court, Barton in the Beans. With a new arrival on the way, this house was a perfect fit for a growing family such as the Harding’s. We spoke to Abi to hear what she had to say about her Cadeby Homes experience. See their full story underneath….

Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the customer service from Cadeby Homes. The service we had received from both Louis and Brian has been second to none. They have always been on hand to discuss any queries we may have and they made us feel extremely at ease within the entire process of buying our Cadeby Homes house.

We found out about Cadeby Homes through our family friends and we were both already aware of Cadeby Homes’ excellent reputation for new build houses, so when we heard that they were building three homes in our dream location, we didn’t hesitate in getting the ball rolling.

We have now been in our new home for nearly three months and we are all settling in very well. The location is perfect for us and we have been able to get everything in place just in time for our new arrival!

In terms of our involvement in this process, we were very lucky to have been able to buy our new home off plan, meaning we were able to get involved in choosing many aspects of our new home as the kitchen, bathrooms and flooring. Choice was something that was very important to us as we wanted everything to be our taste and we wanted it to feel like home. Being a Kitchen Designer, I (Abi) was very excited to be able to upgrade and design every detail of our new kitchen. I feel that my visions were really understood and it was fantastic to see my plans be changed into reality.

Our favourite thing about our new home is the fantastic layout with which has given us a great amount of space for our growing family. As we are both from the local area, it is lovely to live somewhere we are familiar with, and are lucky to be close by to many friends and family within the surrounding villages.

We would absolutely recommend Cadeby Homes to anyone looking to purchase a new home. We are very happy that we decided to purchase through Cadeby Homes and have not been disappointed in the quality or finish of our new house!


Philip and Sharon Matthews

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Meet Phillip and Sharon Matthews, the new buyers of ‘The Canterbury’ over at our Church View site in Hugglescote. With this being their 7th house together, they were no strangers to the home buying process. We spoke to them to see what they had to say about their Cadeby Home experience., see their full story underneath……

“Right from the very first visit from when we were shown the home and the development site with Louis and Treena, who couldn’t have been more helpful, we fell in love with the home right away! We found out about the development and Cadeby Homes on the internet whilst we were searching for homes in that area. We were so impressed with the design, the build and the finish of the house. Another factor which drew us to Cadeby Homes was it being a smaller development compared to other larger companies, and with employing local builders and giving quality workmanship, it has allowed homes to be built that one can be proud of.

We have now been in our home for 2 weeks, and it already feels like a home. We are not familiar with the immediate local area, although we have some knowledge of the East Midlands as we have our children and grandchildren living in the East Midlands area. Being close to the family again and living in a fantastic house on a small development is exactly what we hoped for when looking for our next house!

When it came to personalise the house, the house was already complete when we first went to view it. There had been some additional extras which had been added by the people who had previously made an offer on the house. Although the kitchen is of a great standard and is more than adequate, we wished to add some extra units and found the sales staff more than helpful when we needed advice and assistance with it. Our favourite thing about the house has got to be having the kitchen, dining and living area all in one very large room, which is fantastic for our needs with our dog and two cats. This is all in addition to a lovely lounge.

We would recommend Cadeby Homes to people who are looking to buy a new home. The design, the build and the finish of the homes is excellent, combined with the exceptionally friendly and helpful sales staff. We are extremely satisfied with the customer service we have received from Cadeby Homes. From the very first visit to now, every member of staff has been more than helpful in meeting our requirements.”

Ryan, Sarah, Alfie and Baby Yeates

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Meet Ryan, Sarah and little Alfie, first time buyers of ‘The Leicester’ at our Church View site in Hugglescote. With this being their first family home and with a second child on the way, this was a very exciting and special journey for the couple. After having been in their new home for 3 weeks now, we spoke to Ryan to find out more about their Cadeby Homes experience, here’s what he had to say….

“We found out about Cadeby Homes as we had recently re located up to Leicestershire from Milton Keynes. We moved into a rented Cadeby Homes on the same development which we now live in. I liked the finish so much in our rented house that I chose to buy five doors away!

We aren’t familiar with the area… and I hadn’t even heard of Hugglescote until two weeks before I had moved here! That being said, the transport links are fantastic. Being close to East Midlands airport is useful for business, and the nursery we have put Alfie in seems to be brilliant. We love the local walks, the countryside and being able to get in the car on a Sunday to explore some of the other local towns. One thing for sure is that I will never call a roll a “COB”!

Our favourite thing about our new home is the kitchen, we love the large kitchen diner area so that we can enjoy some family time over a nice home cooked diner. With our expanding family, it’s important for us to be able to get together and do this often and I believe the space in the kitchen allows us to do this. Our kitchen was already in, but we got to choose our carpets. I would like to say that I enjoyed this. However, I think it really tests your relationship!

I have found Brian to be extremely helpful throughout the process. For me the service really comes into its own, once you are living in the property. We have had a few minor issues (which is to be expected), however I have been very impressed by the way Cadeby Homes have reacted to this, as they have offered us continuous communication to get these matters addressed.
I prefer dealing with smaller businesses than a larger enterprise as I want to have my voice heard and that is what initially attracted me to Cadeby Homes.

We would recommend Cadeby Homes to other people who are looking to buy a new home as after looking at various different properties in the same area, I believe that the finish is hard to find.”

Alex and Lucy Stott

Meet Alex and Lucy Stott, buyers of ‘The Leicester’ at our Church View site, based in Hugglescote.

After the couple having been settling into their new home for nearly 5 months now, we spoke to them both to hear what they had to say about their experience of buying with Cadeby Homes…

“Overall, we were extremely satisfied with the customer service that we received from Cadeby Homes, we would give it 10/10!

What attracted us to Cadeby Homes was the attention to detail and the quality of the building and fittings. We bought our Cadeby Home based on the fantastic home that was built and finished. The customer service and support that we have received from Cadeby Homes was outstanding. We are not first-time buyers and when it came to selling our first home, we did have a difficult time in doing so. Cadeby Homes have offered support wherever they could, they never rushed us or put pressure on us…despite our difficulties.

Our favourite thing about the house must be the size! When we were searching for a new house, we found very few houses which were good in size in every aspect. We also liked that the loft came with pre-fitted lights, which was definitely a nice little bonus.  We were already familiar with the local area but we also love that we have so much open space nearby, great for walking, amenities close by and good motorway links. We bought our house while it was at a stage where we could personalise aspects of our new home, meaning we got to personalise all of our floors and tiles. The tiles were probably the most enjoyable part of this process, despite it taking us hours to decide!

We would definitely recommend Cadeby Homes for people who are looking to buy a new home!!